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We hope you will find the information useful on these pages. However, if you are really interested in Yboom, we would like to encourage you to pay a personal visit to our company. Hope that we will soon be able to meet you.

Yboom Tourism


Yboom Tourism, tourism department of Yboom International Oy Ltd., is the European land service. We provide best land services and professional consultations for every visitor ranging from tourism sightseeing, business activity, honeymoon and the like in Europe. We offer prefect services on your meals, accommodation, transportation, shopping and entertainment etc.

European International Cooperation Promotions


The European International Cooperation Promotions subordinate to Yboom International Oy Ltd., which is the certified overseas training channels for the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs in China, the institution code is 265801. We are responsible for organizing and arranging oversea training, special visit, studying and cultural exchange and so on.

Yboom Technology


Yboom Technology is the technology department of Yboom International Oy Ltd. We are providing new generation of mobile reading and content delivery products and solutions. We are one of the early suppliers in Apple iTunesTM App Store, Nokia OviTM Store and Google Android Market.