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Q & A

Who are the visitors?
The visitors are Chinese delegation, ranging from government, organization, association, enterprises, and schools etc.

Who are the hosts?
The hosts are counterparts for the Chinese delegations, ranging from government, organization, association, chamber of commerce, and schools etc.

Why through us?
We are the official training channel in Finland appointed by China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, number of Certification is 265801. Any training groups go to Finland must go through us.

We are a bridge between Europe and China, and we provide professional consultation for international administration, business and technology to lead to good partnerships and profitable business for our clients in China and European market with our cross-culture communication know-how and techniques, experience, credibility and reliability in project management, as well as quality and high level partnership and relation management.

Why Chinese delegations go abroad?
China is a vast country with a large population. But for various reasons, China's economic strength still falls far behind many developed countries. With the maturing of the world economic integration, to develop economic and enhance national strength has become the key to the development of state enterprises.

Whether to arrange special tour?
We will arrange special tour to learn about local cultural custom and person's living way besides the meetings.

Whether have further cooperation and guarantee?
We have been serving Chinese official and business delegation for nearly a decade. And we apply our cross-culture communication know-how to help many Chinese delegations to establish cooperation in Europe; to assist government and schools to build twin cities and sister schools relationship.