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Training is to take classes, workshops, seminars and on-the-spot visit, ranging from one week to thirty days. Such training can make the learners get a lot in a short time from an excellent professor or lecturer and refined materials, as well as field workshops and study tours.

European International Cooperation Promotions according to Chinese governments and relevant enterprises' training program to arrange appropriate training and learning, to organize relevant study tours for the learners in the process of training, to arrange sightseeing during weekend. You can not only study but also tourism sightseeing throughout the whole training process.

Training Topic

Our training groups usually have a specific topic. There are Social Security and Pension System; Enterprise Financial Planning and Management; Enterprise Human Resources Management; Agriculture and Forestry Management; Environmental Management; Communications and Transport Management; The Art of Paper Making; City Planning and Construction; Government Functional Department; Port Management; Tax System; Food Safety Management; Information Technology and E-government; High-tech Development and Management; Radio and TV; labor union management and so on.

In addition, we also arrange special training for students to study abroad or summer camp. We can make a special topic according to the requirement of our clients. For example, forestry nature and wild life, North Pole exploration, youth exchange, nature design, skill competition, music, dance, drawing and so on.