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International Training

Since 2016, YBOOM has trained over 3000 Chinese experts from different fields. In Finland, we have partnered with several universities and vocational colleges, government units and companies to organise trainings. In Europe, our partners include The University of Edinburgh (UK), Heidelberg University (Germany) and a French business school. So far, we have hosted training delegations from over twenty Chinese cities.  

Below are examples of training topics and some successful case studies

Examples of education training topics:

- School leadership
- Teaching methods training
- Interdisciplinary learning
- STEAM education
- Use of technology in teaching

Examples of non-education training topics:

- European social security systems
- Psychological education for children with special needs
- Advanced production and innovation in the digital age


Fengtai delegation to Edinburgh

We took a delegation from Fengtai to Edinburgh, capital of Scotland to learn about the Scottish education system. The visit included lectures, school visits and workshops, such as the one pictured here.


Beijing delegation to Finland

A group of principals  and teachers from Beijing visited Finland to learn more about the Finnish education system and different learning practices. Pictured is a STEAM-themed robotics workshop.


Beijing delegation to Germany

A group of government officials from Beijing city government visited Germany in 2019. We organised trainings and visits on the topic of health care in partnership with Heidelberg University.


Tibet delegation to Finland

We organised a training for a group of distinguished principals from the Tibetan autonomous region. The training was focused on the Finnish education system and school leadership and administration strategies.


Sister schools

In 2018, Kerava high school and a 271 Education Group private high school in Weifang signed a student exchange agreement, whereby 15 students from each school would visit their partner school for a week each year and conduct thematic project study together. Project titles have come from the list of United Nations 2030 Development Goals, past topics have included eliminating poverty, education reform, and gender equality. In addition to project study, the visiting students have received opportunities to learn about the culture of the host country by practicing Chinese calligraphy and taiji and visiting Heureka and Suomenlinna, for example. The programme has been running for two consecutive years, and feedback from the students, parents, and teachers has been positive.

In 2017, Beijing-based Hujialou primary school begun to promote its project-based, student-centered PDC curriculum (Project, Discovery, Creation) to domestic and international audiences. As part of this project, Hujialou signed sister school agreements with two Finnish schools, one in Rovaniemi, one in Kerava. Following this, groups of students and teachers have visited Finland several times, learning about the Finnish education system and pedagocial practices through training sessions, classroom observation, and interaction with Finnish teachers and students. In addition to this, teachers from both Kerava and Rovaniemi have been invited to give lectures and attend panels at the 2017 and 2018 PDC International Eduacation Forums. 

Matchmaking and Consulting

YBOOM has rich experience of organising company visits and business matchmaking events to representatives of various industries and sectors. Following such visits we are often asked to facilitate the dialogue between the Chinese and Finnish sides and help resolve legislative and operative obstacles in business collaboration.

Besides that, our broad networks and deep sector knowledge allow us to provide quality consulting services for businesses interested in exploring international collaboration opportunities.

Consulting: China's Department of Hydrology

In 2019, a delegation consisting of China's Department of Hydrology and several local level water management companies and bureaus visited Finland. As part of the visit programme, we organised visits to relevant Finnish government bodies, research units and private companies.

One of the visiting local Chinese water affairs bureaus has since expressed interest in the products of a Finnish water technology company. YBOOM has been facilitating collaboration talks, and the Finnish company is currently conducting research on equipment technical requirements in China.

Matchmaking: Hebei Province Department of Commerce

In 2019, a delegation organised by Hebei Province Department of Commerce visited Finland and Sweden. The delegation participants were representatives of various Chinese technological companies. The purpose of the visit was to gather information about different investment and business collaboration opportunities in Finland and Sweden

YBOOM organised meetings with a host of Finnish and Swedish companies. The delegation also visited several investment-focused organisations, such as BusinessFinland and Business Sweden. 



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